The Golden Ebony

The Golden Ebony
Photograph & Retouch / Mohsin Khawar
Art Direction & Styling / Aysha Mohsin
MUA & Concept/ Maham Gull
Muse / Ezza Khan

Floweret – A Portrait

Floweret – A Portrait
Photograph & Retouch / Mohsin Khawar
Art Direction & Styling / Aysha Mohsin
MUA / Maham Gull
Muse / Ezza Khan



Photograph & Post: Mohsin Khawar
Concept & Styling: Aysha Mohsin
MUA: Maham Gull
Muse: Ezza Khan

Snow Queen

Snow Queen– A Beauty Series
Photographs / Mohsin Khawar
Art Direction & Styling / Aysha Mohsin
Hair & Makeup / Maham Gull
Muse / Shahnam Aslam

The Color Pop Episode

The Color Pop Episode
Photographs / Mohsin Khawar
MUA / Rida Aurangzaib
Talent / Zarmeena Ikram

Wilderness – Light Series

Wilderness – Light Series

Photographs / Mohsin Khawar
Talent / Ghana Ali
Styling / Hirra Zeeshan
MUA / Ayyan Khan


Wilderness By Mohsin Khawar

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Dream by Mohsin Khawar

Naples – Italy

Naples, Italy – Travel photographs by Mohsin Khawar
Available on Shutterstock and Istock by Getty Images for purchase.
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The Poem Of Light

تم آئے ہو، نہ شبِ انتظار گذری ہے
تلاش میں ہے سحر بار بار گذری ہے