A Walk Through Rome

Rome Italy – Travel & street photographs from this beautiful city where I focused on its architecture and light.
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Mohsin Khawar


Intruder 2:3

Intruder 2:3A Fashion Series

Photographs / Mohsin Khawar
Muse / Iqra Nasir
MUA / Jacob



Captivate by Mohsin Khawar

Portrait from a makeup photoshoot for Naveeda Iqbal Beauty Solutions


Gold Dust

Gold Dust for Beauty World Magazine

Photographs / Mohsin Khawar

Art Dir / Aysha Mohsin

Muse / Roma Michael

MUA / Maham Gull


Fuzetea X Mohsin Khawar

Fuzetea X Mohsin Khawar

You all know me as a photographer but my friends know me as an architect, traveller, storyteller, speaker and a part time actor. I am a FUZION of all this and many more things. When I am travelling I also write, I collect coasters and tin plates from different parts of the world, and in return I make travel postcards and float them on my website.
Having this versatility in my skills, I prefer a versatile drink as well. And what can be better than the new @fuzeteapk?! Its delicious combination of different ingredients and fruity flavours makes one exclaim #WhatAFuzion!
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Lakhanay – Winter 22 Campaign

Lakhanay – Winter 22

Photographs / Mohsin Khawar
Label / Lakhanay
Talent / Rabia Ch & Sonia Tariq
MUA / Maham Gull
Stylist / Naeem Bashir
Agency / Obrotu


The Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf

Photographs / Mohsin Khawar
Label / London Bridge
Featuring / Emmad Irfani


The Legend Of Maula Jatt – Review

The Legend Of Maula Jatt truly blew me away with its cinematography, direction, music and acting. Everything about this film is perfect as if you’re watching a good Hollywood movie.

My favorite character and actor in this movie is Hamza Abbasi who played Noori Natt. His get up and dialogue delivery is par excellence. Apart from him and Fawad Khan (Maula Jatt), i think the strongest character in terms of acting is of Humaima Malik who played Daro.
In my opinion Mirza Gohar Rasheed was class apart in his character and yet again proved to be a brilliant actor.

A true revival of Punjabi cinema in Pakistan, and i believe this team should be given more projects by the producers. They have definitely set the bar high.

As a Pakistani and a very small part of Pakistani media industry, this just makes me super proud!


Mohsin Khawar



Running so fast
Chasing life
Like a dog chases it’s tail
Where are we heading?
And what will we get?
If all this ends up as a fail?

Cherish your present
And all those who make it
As nothing will always be enough
This loop of life can always be merrier
If you perceive it as not…tough!

– Mohsin Khawar


Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed) – Istanbul Turkey

Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed) – Istanbul Turkey


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